BASECAMP at Berkhamsted School is run by Berkhamsted School (Registered Charity No. 310630; Registered Company No. 622349) in conjunction with Berkhamsted School Enterprises Limited, a company incorporated in England and Wales (Registered Company No. 02048201; VAT Registration No. 890 5738 84).

Bookings and Cancellations

Confirmation of your booking will follow after receipt of your booking plus the appropriate fee (or commitment to pay by childcare vouchers.) Payment is regarded as acceptance of our booking conditions. Berkhamsted School accepts payment by cheque, childcare vouchers or credit or debit card. Bookings must be paid in full at the time of booking to qualify for an Early Booking Rate. If a payment deadline for a special offer or discount is missed, the cost of the booking will go up to the standard price.

The cut off for booking a course is 3pm on the previous working day (see note below regarding Childcare Vouchers). Bankholidays and other non-working days will also affect the date by which you maybook  Additional hours must be booked at the same time as booking the core day, or an administration fee of £10 will be charged.

All cancellations will be acknowledged. The following charges will apply for cancellations (including sickness) and amendments.

  •  more than 30 days from course start date - full refund
  •  less than 30 but more than 15 days from course start date - 50% refund
  •  15 or less days from course start date - full sum due

A £10 administration fee will be charged for each manual booking or to book additional hours after confirmation of booking has been dispatched. The above charges apply to the movement of bookings with less than 30 days notice from the start of the course.

    Berkhamsted School reserves the right to cancel a course if numbers enrolled have not reached a minimum level, which varies from course to course. We undertake to notify attendees of the cancellation of a course no later than 14 days before the start of that course. We also reserve the right to change advertised tutors/coaches and amend the programme where it is found to be unavoidable or in the participants' best interests.

    Berkhamsted School will not accept responsibility for any loss of enjoyment due to adverse weather conditions or causes beyond our control. Although we aim to offer a wet weather alternative on camps that are run outdoors, this cannot always be guaranteed.

    Childcare Vouchers 

    Parents wishing to pay by childcare vouchers must make their Basecamp booking more than14 days before the commencement date of the course. The childcare vouchers must be paid to Berkhamsted School before the child attends the camp. Bookings made less than 15 days in advance can still be made online with a debit/credit card.


    All course staff on children's courses will be registered/cleared by carrying out enhanced disclosure checks and will hold the necessary qualifications for the sport or activity they are instructing. Some courses are run by outside specialist companies. In this case, copies of CRB checks, risk assessments and liability insurance will be obtained prior to facilitating the course.


    Berkhamsted School and Berkhamsted School Enterprises Ltd are comprehensively insured. All students attending BASECAMP courses are covered by our public liability insurance. A copy of our certificate can be provided on request.

    Lost Property

    At the end of each day of the course lost property will be displayed at the pick up point. We cannot guarantee the return of all lost property. Lost property will only be held for 14 days after a course has finished. We would advise that you clearly label any clothing, kit or equipment.

    Lunch (Children)

    Children attending courses are asked to bring a packed lunch and a drink. Water will be available throughout the day. A tuck shop facility may be available for snacks. As we are a Nut Free School, please do not send the children with any Nut products.


    We will only accept medicines that have been prescribed by a doctor, dentist, nurse prescriber or pharmacist prescriber. Medicines should always be provided in the original container as dispensed by a pharmacist and include the prescriber's instructions for administration and dosage. To do this we will need written and verbal consent from the parent (signing a medication form at the start of a course can do this). Essential medication must be handed in to the Course Leader for safe-keeping. The Course Leader will document the administering of medication. If a child suffers from anaphylaxis (primarily nut allergy) we must be informed of this on the child's application form. In this case we will ask for written consent from the parent allowing us to administer emergency treatment if needed. It is essential that either the parent or someone with the correct medical background give adequate training in how to administer the injection.

    Emergency Medical Advice and First Aid

    We seek consent from every parent that we can call on emergency medical advice e.g. call an ambulance if required. This requirement is placed on our terms of agreement on our booking form that parents sign. In the event of an accident, first aid will be administered to children in our care, and the emergency services will be called if necessary, unless advised to the contrary. Any incidents requiring the administration of first aid will be documented by the Course Leader and parents/guardians will be made aware of the incident that occurred to their child. It is essential that parents sign all incident report forms so that they are immediately and fully aware of anything that may have occurred to their child that day. Our accident emergency plans will be within the course risk assessment documents. If a serious accident takes place during the camp you will be contacted as soon as possible via the emergency contact numbers provided.

    Mini Basecamp

    There is an expectation that children are able to manage their own toileting arrangements. Whilst we know that there may be little accidents, children should only attend Basecamp if they can use the toilet independently and wash their own hands.

     Fire Safety

    Our fire emergency action plans are included within our risk assessment documents.

    Site Closure

    In the unlikely event that we are unable to run Basecamp due to adverse weather conditions or circumstances beyond our control we will post a bulletin on the Home page under Basecamp News, we will not be able to offer a refund or payment in kind.

     Adverse Weather

    For outside activities we would recommend that children bring suitable clothing in case of inclement weather, equally we advise you to send children with sunscreen during hot weather. Course staff cannot administer this but our staff will encourage children to put this on at regular intervals throughout the day. When appropriate if the weather is cold, too hot or wet, children will take part in indoor activities.

    Child Exclusion

    On rare occasions, if a child proves incompatible with the general well-being of camp e.g. bullying, disruptive or aggressive behaviour, despite attempts by course staff to deal with the situation, we reserve the right to exclude them. No refund will be made for any remaining days booked, and any costs associated with the exclusion, including transport home, will be the parent's responsibility.

    Safeguarding Children & Child Protection

    Berkhamsted School's Child Protection Policy (available on the Berkhamsted School website - www.berkhamstedschool.org or a printed copy on request) applies to all BASECAMP courses. The aim of the policy is to safeguard children's welfare, by fostering an honest, open, caring and supportive climate. The Child Protection Policy applies to all staff at Berkhamsted School and Berkhamsted School Enterprises, paid and volunteers, and failure to comply could have serious disciplinary consequences.

    All adults working with or on behalf of children have a responsibility to safeguard and promote the welfare of children.

    Child Security

    Children will need to be registered in AND out of each course session. If your child is to be collected by someone other than the person dropping them off, you will need to advise the course staff.

    Uncollected Child Procedure

    At least two adults will remain with the child until collected. We will not allow the child to return home alone or with an unauthorised adult unless we have your permission. If after two hours no one arrives to collect the child and we have been unable to contact anyone by telephone, we will call the local social services department who will make arrangements for a social worker to collect the child.

    Early drop off/late pickups

    Please note that if you drop off your child(ren) before your booking in time or pick up later than scheduled, you will be subject to pay the extra hourly rate plus an administration fee. Berkhamsted BASECAMP understands that there may be unforeseen circumstances but we still need to have staff available to look after all children until they are collected. If you foresee an early drop off or late collection, please contact us through the BASECAMP telephone number 01442 358115 or the course leader on the day as soon as possible.


    Berkhamsted School shall not be liable for any costs, expenses or refunds in the event that a student cannot attend or complete a course due to injury or sickness or due to circumstances beyond our control such as adverse weather, strikes, war etc.

    All personal property is the responsibility of the owner. Berkhamsted School cannot be held responsible for any losses or damage that may occur to personal property. Berkhamsted School recommends that valuable items are not brought to any BaseCamp courses.

    Equal Opportunities

    We welcome students of all races, religious beliefs, cultures, languages, gender, health and character to attend and enjoy our courses.

    Data Protection

    We will use your details to mail and/or email you with future information about our services. You may opt out of our mailing list when booking, or afterwards at any stage. Berkhamsted School is registered under the Data Protection Act.

    Photographs, images and promotional material

    It is the custom and practice of most schools, and of this School Activity Camp - BASECAMP, to include some photographs or images of pupils in the School's and BASECAMP promotional material or to publicise school events and the achievements of pupils. These images may be used in various media, including the school website, social media platforms such as the School’s Twitter and Facebook accounts and in the press. We may include the names (first name and surname) and ages of the Pupil and the Pupil's image. We would not disclose the home address of the Pupil without the Parents' consent. From time to time, the School may be visited by the media who will take still or moving images which may include the Pupil and may be published in a variety of media. If the Parents do not want the Pupil's image or name to appear in the material described above, they must make sure the Pupil knows this and must write immediately to the Director of External Relations (Berkhamsted School) or School Office (Heatherton House) requesting an acknowledgement of their letter.

    Contact Information

    BASECAMP Administrator, Berkhamsted School, 6 Chesham Road, Berkhamsted, Herts, HP4 3AA

    Tel: 01442 358115  Email:ku/oc/pmacesabdetsmahkreb//seiriuqne